Who are we?

The French Union of Social Work Education and Research


UNAFORIS brings together 125 Schools of Social Work. The latter participate in the Public Training Service in the regional territories. They offer a range of services from access to a first professional Qualification to Higher Education and Research.



  • To HELP schools develop students’ and teachers’ mobility and learning of languages.
  • To GET INVOLVED in European and International networks gathering all the shareholders of social work education by participating in the debates of the different bodies and the events they organise.
  • To SEEK Support before public authorities to structure the research in social work field, its scientific recognition and its articulation with universities.
  • To PROMOTE the use and the notoriety of researches led internationally and in France.
  • To INTEGRATE into all UNAFORIS' work an international dimension and perspective.




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Chloé ALTWEGG-BOUSSAC, Head of the Development and Project Unit - chloe.altwegg-boussac@unaforis.eu

Sylvie COLY, Project Manager - sylvie.coly@unaforis.eu

Samuel MALLANGEAU, Project Manager - samuel.mallangeau@unaforis.eu

Louise NIRIN, Communication Manager - louise.nirin@unaforis.eu